Thank you for visiting Guidance Dispatch.  My name is Jeremy Schaefer and I was motivated to write this Ebook to help my non-tech savvy family members and friends. Over the past year my family members have had trouble protecting their computers. Even though I was there to help them fix their computer problems, the problems kept recurring. It's painful and frustrating to watch as your family members are taken advantage of by people online.  Below you can purchase  my eBook to help support the content that I provide.


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     Buying products from the Guidance Dispatch Amazon store helps 

support me and the content that I provide. Your support is very 

important to me and helps me provide content on my blog, this

website and on YouTube. These products that I have selected are the

products that I recommend to my family and friends when they ask me

for tech advice.  If you cannot find the product you are looking for you

can also use the Amazon search box below my YouTube video.  I 

strive to help people find the best products at a reasonable price that 

they will be happy with.  Thank you for your support and always

remember to practice computer security  guidelines that I teach when

 shopping online!



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